Kona Coast in Hawaii

Welcome to the sunny land of Hawaii and the amazing angler’s paradise known as the Kona Coast. The Kona Coast is also known as “The Land of the Giants” because of the gigantic fish that can be found there. Here you need to bring your best fishing kayak and be ready to fish. Beneath the crystal clear waters of the beach lie sleeping giants that, if you are skilled enough as an angler, can be excitingly caught. With vast seas for you to travel to, you can review your kayak and paddle out into the deep blue sea. When you’ve reached the spot that you want to seize, you can bring out your fishing rod and cast it into the sea. Getting giant fish here is quite common as you can find extremely big tuna and gray snappers. If you’re up for an even bigger challenge, then you may even try to get a blue marlin. Other than that, there are other big fish out there that you can try to catch as well.

What makes this place great is that it can be for everyone and not just the extremely fit. It isn’t challenging to paddle in this area because the current isn’t that strong, and you most likely won’t have any problem catching fish. You can just row all the way to the middle of the sea and start fishing. Kona Coast is actually one of my favorite kayak/angling places to visit– and it’ll definitely be yours too. I assure you that you’ll enjoy this area if you are a kayaker and an angler.

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