Hi my name is Kurt and welcome to Mega Kayaks.

I live in Colorado where the waters are beautiful and where kayaking and fishing are all but awesome.

My passion for kayaking started when I was a young adolescent when my dad took me on my first trip. From then on, I was hooked on riding the large polystyrene boats drifting rapidly out in the sea. For me, kayaking isn’t just a hobby– it’s a lifestyle. I’ve rode my kayak to many different regions to explore the many different parts of the sea. From the beaches of Hawaii to the coasts of Colorado, I love to ride out to any place on my kayak.

Aside from kayaking, my other passion is fishing in the sea. I absolutely love going out into the sea areas looking for different kinds of fish and catching them as my prize. I find it really cool that I can do both of my passions together as they both complement each other. Kayak fishing trips are a regular for me as I make it a point to take my boat and rod out for a spin at least once a week.

And that’s what I want to share with you.

I want to share my passion for kayak fishing trips by creating a one-stop place for all other people who share my enthusiasm. My website would share and document some of my best kayak fishing trips along with some tips on how to maintain your kayak. I’ll also provide some insights on my own kayak and what equipment I use along with it as well as some modification tips for people who love to tinker around with their kayaks. If you think this is something that you’d love to take a look at, explore my website and check out some of the stuff that I’ve written. Happy kayaking!