My Kayak

My choice of fishing kayak would be the Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak. This is great for fishing because it is made of a high density blow molded polyethylene material. Not only does this material make it really strong but durable as well. It also has a strong hull design to make it more stable when I stand up. It’s also ideal for fishing because it comes with 3 fishing rod holders and a storage hatch which is great for fishing trips.

Aside from that, I made other modifications to it too. I installed a pole rest at the front of the boat so that I can easily put my rod down when needed. I’ve also installed a handy Dragonfly 5 device for navigation. When you’re out at sea, it’s really important that you have a navigation device with you, which is why I bought one. I also installed a mobile phone speaker and an Android phone holder where I can connect my Android device easily. Since it was installed sturdily, I won’t worry about it flying away. It’s great for me to listen to some music while I paddle.

Lastly, I’ve also included a paddle leash attached to the boat so that the paddle will not float away in the event that it floats into the sea.